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Top 10 Website Traffic Tips

Top 10 Website Traffic Tips


One of the first things any business owner thinks of when it comes to their website is how to get more traffic. After all, your success is in the numbers you can bring to your site because no matter how wonderful your product is, only a small percentage will convert to buyers. Therefore, more traffic is always better especially if it’s targeted traffic. These top-10 tips will help you succeed in garnering that targeted traffic.

Tip#1: Video Marketing

According to, 75% of all online traffic will be due to video and more than half of the people online right now are watching video. This means that if you create video content you’ll be much more likely to be found. Adding video to your marketing efforts can make a huge difference in the traffic you get as well as user engagement. Consider adding video to your blog, social media, and your sales pages for the best results.

Tip #2: Give Away Something

Contests & freebies are wonderful ways to bring traffic to your online real estate. The trick with this option is to ensure that only those who are truly interested in your niche will be interested in your freebie.

Make the giveaway super laser focused on something only your audience will want so that you don’t get too many generic freebie seekers coming to your website or landing.

Tip#3: Use Social Media Effectively

To use social media effectively you’ll need to study your audience and your industry on a continuous basis to ensure that you reach your audience at the right time and in the right place. Randomly sharing information on social media isn’t going to get much traction unless you have a plan in place and a reason for each share. Plus, you must always engage with your audience. If they comment, you should comment back or “like” what they said or even share what they said. Engagement is paramount to making social media work for you. Also, never forget your calls to action.

Tip #4: Contribute Content

As you become more popular, you can start contributing content as a guest to blogs, magazines, newspapers and more. When you see an opportunity, analyze whether your audience reads that content, and if they do, you want to contribute. If not, turn down the opportunity. Be very strategic about where you put content. You want to find complementary places, not your direct competition. Also, it’s best if the content you create is unique for that particular place. Always include your bio and ask for a link back to your landing page or website.

Tip#5: Get Influencers Involved

A great traffic-generating tip is to ask influencers to help you out. First, identify potential influencers who would like your products or services, then reach out to them and make an offer. Before you mention money, ask them what they normally do so that you don’t risk insulting them. Some people have a set fee and some people don’t like to do anything like that at all. Ensure that your product is truly top-notch and something the influencer will like because you cannot control whether or not they give you a good review.

Tip #6: Comment Thoughtfully

If you’re going to spend time making comments on blogs, social media posts, or products, be sure your comments are well thought out and thorough. Avoid saying “me too” and “cool” instead, state why you think it’s cool and add a related personal story. This will help people get to know you better plus give you needed backlinks in many cases. Even if you don’t get a backlink, your name being out there will increase your authority quotient exponentially.

Tip #7: Use On-Page and Off-Page SEO

On-page SEO is any type of act that increases the ability for your audience to find your content on social media. Off-page SEO is the same thing but you do it off your site, such as via social media. Ensure you’re doing all you can to optimize profiles, optimize your blog posts, and your website. Consider using a plugin for your site like Yoast SEO to help you get it right. Yoast has features for both on and off-page SEO like easy sharing, internal linking, keyword analyzing and more.

Tip #8: Don’t Forget Your Email List

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a well-targeted email list. You should be trying to capture email addresses from anyone who is interested in your niche. You can do it on your website, after blog posts, by giving something away and on social media. You can even get list members at live events. The important thing is to get them on the list because that’s where you can tell them about new blog posts, send them information about products and services you use or have seen that they may like and more. When they say, “the money is in the list,” they aren’t joking around.

Tip #9: Buy Quality Hosting

Don’t cheap out when it comes to hosting. You want to ensure that you have good neighbors that don’t spam and you want to ensure that your host offers assurances about the type of websites they allow on their hosting service. Also, don’t always assume a bigger host is better or cheaper. Consider a smaller hosting provider like A2Hosting over because they offer better customer service for individuals than a big business might.

Tip #10: Promote Everything

When you create anything new, you should promote them similarly. If it’s not good enough to promote, it’s probably not good enough to publish. Don’t only promote it on the day you publish it. If you’re creating plenty of evergreen content, you should be able to promote it repeatedly. Try, or, or another social sharing option that offers the ability to share the same post more than once periodically.

Use these top-10 website traffic-generating ideas to attract your target market, interact with your readers, sell products or services, and much more. Remember more traffic means more opportunities to meet your goals.


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